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Plastics Pirate has a not-for-profit arm dedicated to providing holistic health care for remote coastal communities and giving the plastic polluting their homes a value they can use.

Plastic, Treasure, Honesty, Integrity, Accountability and Fun steer our not-for-profit pirate ship so our dedicated crew of Plastics Pirates can access some of the most Remote Coastal Communities across Australia, Melanesia and the South Pacific.


Plastics Pirate has developed a means to fulfil our ultimate goal of providing life-saving safe water access solutions and addressing the holistic health care needs of remote coastal communities.


Using the power of plastic pyrolysis to turn plastic into treasure, we can empower communities to build resilience for the future.


Our purpose-built, self-sufficient landing barge is designed to house our pyrolysis plant, Precious Plastic’s repurposing equipment, Elemental Water Makers deployable containerised desalination plants and a medical clinic.


We can empower remote target communities by engaging villagers to collect the plastic which inundates and destroys their environments to trade with us for our services.


The idea is for people of all ages/ genders ,with or without disabilities, to be able to collect plastic treasure for their community to use as a currency for trade with us for water and health. 


This helps to pay for the containerised, solar-powered desalination plants, or water catchment and storage solutions – which we can fabricate on board from the collected plastic – and holistic health clinics.


Following discussions with elders, we can determine appropriate sites for these solutions and assist the communities to install and maintain the safe water systems.


The communities now own their own safe water sources!!


Having established safe water access, our medical team can now effectively continue to address the holistic health needs of the communities.


With village interns, we can set up and run health clinics and educational sessions, treating wounds, addressing eyesight issues, implementing vital WASH programs, administering vaccines and addressing the many other vital health issues remote communities are subject to.


We can remain in our target communities for as long as it takes to build resilience and return their power to them, ensuring they are better equipped to face the challenges which the world is firing at them. 


In doing so, we are developing and connecting partnerships to ensure that we meet EVERY ONE of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.


In time, we hope to source our treasure from the ocean gyres and the river-mouths of plastic.


We can also be equipped to respond to natural and man-made disasters, facilitating vital communication links, bringing safe water, food, medical services and implementing early oil spill clean up measures for affected communities and environments.


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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

We are aiming to meet all 17 objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with our not-for-profit Plastics Pirate barge
We can eliminate poverty by empowering remote communities through their collection of plastic waste which we trade with them for safe water access solutions.
We aim to eliminate hunger by providing remote communities with practical skills and safe water access resources to grow and irrigate their crops.
Our holistic health clinics can enhance the health and well-being of our targeted remote coastal communities and provide lasting health measures and  the necessary skills to continue our work.
Educational programs can be incorporated into the delivery of essential services to remote communities and safe water access solutions will allow young girls to attend schools.
With the provision of safe water access solutions and specific educational programs, young girls can attend schools and women will have more time with the simplified collection of water.
The implementation of safe water access solutions and the removal of plastic from waterways of remote coastal communities can vastly improve sanitation.
The power sources and emission-free fuel produced by our on-board pyrolysis plant, paid for with plastic collection, can provide  communities with lighting and refrigeration.
Safe water access, improved health and up-skilling of communities can empower them with skills and equipment to drive economic growth.
We can provide the tools for communities to build plastic repurposing equipment to help establish industries and infrastructure.
Plastic waste collection can be carried out by people of all ages and genders and provide working options for people with disabilities.
Plastics Pirate can provide cities and communities reliable safe water access and other equipment to ensure sustainable growth.
By establishing a value for plastics, remote coastal communities are enabled to practice responsible consumption and production.
Plastics Pirate aims to lead the challenge remote communities face on climate action by establishing a value for ocean plastic where it impacts the most.
All underwater ecosystems can benefit from the Plastics Pirate approach to giving plastic a value which will aid in eliminating plastic from our oceans.
Access to a regular supply of reliable fresh water can transform remote coastal communities with the plentiful crops they can grow.
Remote coastal communities empowered with the health and economic benefits of reliable safe water access can uphold traditional justice practices better.
Plastics Pirate can empower remote coastal communities to help themselves with strong international partnerships and collaboration.