Our Plastics Pirate crew harbour the skills and experience to make a real difference in reducing the plastic consuming the world’s landfill and polluting our oceans.

Meet Our Team

Our Plastics Pirate team is dedicated to giving plastic a value by proving plastic is a mismanaged and fantastic resource – which can benefit not just the environment but the communities, businesses and organisations whose plastic we process.

Connor Clarke


Connor grew up in South Africa where he entered the workforce as an Emergency Department Nurse. He began his travels as a medic on an expedition to Madagascar and spent years further afield in many incredible roles and out of the ordinary experiences. He has worked in a host of remote locations around the world developing a passion to combine medicine and marine. This cultivated an intense desire to care for the environment and it's often forgotten remote communities. His life choices and specifically designed skill-set became paramount in fulfilling his destiny and have culminated with the inception of the Plastics Pirate concept. His 'can do to the best outcome possible whist having fun' attitude has brought together a dedicated band of Pirates who will stop at nothing to make the difference the planet and its' inhabitant's needs.

Greg McLean


Greg operates several tourism and logistics businesses in Far North Queensland and has over 20 years experience in media, local government and business development. He has extensive business and government contacts and communicates successfully across all sectors.
Greg is a highly valued member of the team and an instrumental figure in the development and future of Plastics Pirate. Being an extremely approachable and consistent ideas man, Greg is an absolute GOTO member of the team.
If your'e lucky enough to be the outdoors in Far North Queensland, you will probably find Greg in the rainforest and creeks with his kids, laughing a lot and generally having fun.

Micca Veltri

First Mate

Micca has always had a powerful connection with nature and knew from a young age that she wanted to be a marine biologist and make a difference. She has sailed around the world, to many remote locations, experiencing first hand the effects of plastic pollution in some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Her excitement for the project is as infectious as her passion for the cause. Micca is a skilled crew member aboard “Processor 1”, who loves to be involved in all aspects of the vessel from cooking delicious food, to getting greasy in the engine room and diving for buried treasure!

Toni Eisenhut

Corporate Advisory ( Tax & Legal)

Toni is an Associate Director of ABA Legal Group with over 12 years’ experience specialising in corporate and international tax with a particular focus on international expansion, inbound and outbound investment, structuring and repatriation strategies. Growing up in the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand and travelling the world by ocean with her father, a Captain in the Merchant Navy, Toni has always been passionate about the ocean and environment and has discovered a particular niche in her role within Plastics Pirate. As Plastics Pirate’s dynamic and insightful legal counsel, Toni is dedicated to ensuring Plastics Pirate is informed, compliant and secure in its operations. Toni and her team of lawyers and consultants at ABA Legal Group are responsible for ensuring we are capable of making the difference we are destined to make.

Dr Jim Reeves

Medical Director

Dr Jim Reeves grew up in South Africa and Namibia. He studied medicine in the UK, graduating in 1988 and has been living and working in Australia since 1992.
He has worked in the fields of Anaesthesia, Intensive Care, Hyperbaric and Dive Medicine as well as Aeromedical Retrievals. He also worked as a General Practitioner and Anaesthetist at Thursday Island Hospital and in the Torres Straits where he developed a strong penchant for remote medicine.
Following this, Jim trained and specialised in Emergency Medicine at the Cairns Base Hospital and currently spends most of his time as a Consultant on the busy floor of the Emergency Department.
Jim makes himself available 24/7 as a consultant for Plastics Pirate.
His wealth of knowledge and 'out of the box' approach makes him an integral part of the team.
Jim is a dedicated family man who enjoys growing tropical fruit and brewing fine craft ales, helping to keep the band of Pirates merry.

Barb Bock


Barb is our beautifully positive and incredibly passionate secretary. She has been a loyal and valued member of the Quicksilver Connections Group for over two decades, consolidating and sharing her passion for the well being of the ocean and all it’s inhabitants. Barb is a strong advocate for fairness and equality and believes a healthy future for all is only possible if we get up and do something about it now! She is tireless in her efforts to prove plastic is a mismanaged treasure and has found her calling as the Mainstay of the Plastics Pirate’s crew to repair the damage humanity has caused. Barb wholeheartedly (and hers is huge), believes in the preservation of the oceans as life source, both for present and future generations. We are eternally grateful that people like Barb still exist in the world and would not be where we are today without her. Thank you Barb

Jess Harris

Plastics Developer/ Engineer

Jess has a lust for designing and 'making' things that make life better. When he's not saving lives as a Registered Advanced Care Paramedic II, Jess combines creativity and compulsion to bring ideas to reality which make life better and save, not just his patients, but the world as a whole! His added backgrounds in electrical, metalworking, product design, melting plastic & 3D printing, 3D printer design and carpentry make him an indispensable part of the Plastics Pirate crew.
Jess has also won awards as a Barista, which prove to be an important part in keeping our band of Pirates alert and in front. (He is also in strong competition with our Medical Director in the ale brewing category) and loves to win the game. He is a 'doer', energetic, smart and lots of fun to be around.