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Cairns and Surrounds, Far North Queensland

December 2022-June 2023

Our Pilot Partners

We Solve Problems With Plastic

Plastics Pirate is conducting a Pilot in Far North Queensland in 2023 to prove the value of plastic.

We aim to demonstrate our small-scale mobile pyrolysis plants can convert most types of plastic into usable fuels onsite, removing large volumes of agricultural, community and industrial plastic from the waste stream.

Our plants can process up to 800 kgs of plastic per day, onsite and transform it into up to 800 litres of usable fuels including diesel, unleaded and naphtha type fuels.

By substituting fossil fuels with naphtha type fuels made from plastic we can turn this plastic into treasure before your eyes.

Key Stakeholders

Manufacturers of plant & owners of plant IP. Joint Venture Partners with shared intention to prove the relationship between feedstock & offtake during Pilot.

Pilot Benefits

  • Divert plastic waste from landfill/environment –.Pilot directing waste from multiple community & industry sources in Pilot phase.
  • Substituting fossil fuels with pyrolysis oil for energy and plastic production – Pilot producing suitable oil (including diesel and naphtha) & further developing offtake market with plastics manufacturers.
  • Develop ‘Industry Specific Circular Economies’ – Pilot aims to demonstrate how communities Australia-wide can have the opportunity to remove plastic from waste stream.
  • Prove that plastic waste has a value – Turn plastic into treasure with plastic credits and incentives for collection and processing. Pilot closing the loop between plastic credit financiers & plastic collectors and processors for collective benefit.
  • Introduce the solution for Australian fuel sovereignty – Plastics Pirate has a viable solution to assist the Federal Government to secure Australia’s fuel sovereignty.
  • Investigate collaborations to process most of Australia’s waste – Once strategies for managing plastic waste have been identified, help form alliances that can manage most types of community waste.
  • Establish the relationship between feedstock and offtake for all types of plastic we process – Pilot establishes baseline cost/profit ratio of different plastic streams.
  • Showcasing banana growers as a model to prove the viability of the technology to agriculture – Pilot reduces plastic to landfill & provides banana farmers with extra oil-generated income stream while eliminating landfill costs.
  • Assist in developing and implementing Cape York waste solutions in collaboration with indigenous communities – Pilot assesses options to process plastic waste generated in the Cape.
  • Aid the investment towards a circular economy with quantifiable data – Pilot collecting evidence to prove industry-specific circular economies can benefit the environment, industries & communities.
  • Reduce ocean plastic – Plastics Pirate will conduct at least one ocean plastic collection during the Pilot.
  • Assist in developing a ghost net strategy – Work with key stakeholders to develop strategy for removing ghost nets from ocean.
  • Manufacturing – Develop a suitable business model with a manufacturing partner in Australia or offshore to increase plant production and reduce costs.