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To change the way we all do things...
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Plastics Pirate

treasure with purpose

Plastic Pyrolysis technology has long been adopted by global businesses, organisations and countries with the vision and foresight to address the waste crisis the world is facing. The technology has recently been adapted by our visionary pilot partners, Scarabtech, to produce mobile and scalable units which turn plastic into usable fuels on site.

This provides us a means, right here, in Far North Queensland, to help The Great Barrier Reef and to share the technology in a way which is economically exciting and an absolute game changer for the world around us.

In order to achieve this, Plastics Pirate and Scarabtech have developed a Joint Venture which is completing an R&D phase to accelerate the commercialisation of the plants and to prove to the world that plastic is a treasure which can be re-used, re-purposed and recycled. Properly and effectively.

We are out of the box, the first of its kind, scalable and profitable, proving to world that we still have a remote chance to save our planet.

By joining our project, by taking a calculated, yet un-known ‘walk of the plank’ and helping us to prove the value of plastic, you can become part of the global change. To be one of the pirates of change.

Our business is designed to connect with potential partnership models and investment structures with vision. Contact us. We welcome discussion.

What does this mean?

Our project model means we have the opportunity to pioneer the spread of the innovative solution to plastic waste in an untapped and fresh Australian market, whilst creating revenue to fund our off-shore goals.

The plants will be commercially available by the time our R&D phase is nearing completion in early 2022. This makes economic scalability a certainty for Plastics Pirate while providing an immediate solution to some key plastic waste issues Australia (and the world) is currently facing.

It means that when it comes time to answer the question our children ask of us:

“Where did all the plastic waste go?”

We can say:

“We proved it was treasure and the rest took care of itself..”

We turned Plastic into Treasure.



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Our Pyrolysis Technology Turns Plastic Into Treasure

Real Recycling @ Plastics Pirate

We don’t just provide an environmentally-friendly solution by reducing plastic waste from the world’s landfill and oceans, our innovative mobile pyrolysis plants will turn plastic waste into treasure. We fuel ourselves, communities and industries on an individual and global scale.

Make Sure Your Recycling Efforts Make A Difference

Most Of Your Plastic Goes To Waste

Did you know the vast majority of plastic you put into your recycling bin ends up stockpiled, in landfill or polluting our oceans? You can join the Plastics Pirate crew and maximise your plastic’s value.

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