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Mobile pyrolysis plants to give plastics value

Our mobile and scalable pyrolysis plants enable Plastics Pirate to turn plastic into fuel energy on site, relieving the planet by providing communities, industries, businesses, individuals and governments with a responsible alternative to land-fill.

Pyrolysis is a proven global technology that converts waste streams into energy which is now adapted for mobility and scalability.


Many countries around the world have embraced not just plastic, but tyre and even general waste pyrolysis technologies in response to the global waste problem.


Plastics Pirate’s pyrolysis plants’ are innovative, efficient, mobile and scalable with the ability to produce useable fuels,¬† without further refinement, from a self-sustainable unit.


This allows us to give plastic a value at the source of the problem. We can prove that plastic is a commodity, not to be carelessly discarded, but instead valued, collected and re-used. Profitably!


A single pyrolysis unit can process up to 800kg of plastic per day or up to five units can be daisy-chained within the same footprint to process up to 4 tonnes of plastic a day, producing 4000 litres of fuel per day. On Site. The First Of Its Kind.


We believe that plastic waste is actually a mismanaged and valuable resource which we pay to discard, pay someone to take or even pay to export …¬†


Not for much longer. Plastics Pirate will put the plant through its paces to prove the technology in Far North Queensland in 2021, We will conduct comprehensive testing in the Research & Development phase, using plastic feedstock sourced from the waters of the Great Barrier Reef, committed local businesses, medical waste, government and agricultural streams.


As Custodians of the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest, Local Businesses and Primary Producers have committed to trialing our fuel oil in their machinery, enabling Plastics Pirate to prove the technology to the world from our own backyard!


The self-powered plants are capable of producing a high-grade, high yield oil for use in varied applications.

These include:

  • running the plant;

  • as a viable replacement for diesel and unleaded type fuels to power vehicles and machinery;

  • a gas, also used to run it; and

  • a carbon black that can be used for roof tiles, road base and as a cooking source for remote communities.

We intend to prove pyrolysis oil is a suitable replacement for fossil fuels in virgin plastic production and that industry specific circular economies are achievable and profitable.


Plastics Pirate has developed pre-purchase and lease options for these innovative mobile pyrolysis plants to suit your individual needs with the first commercial plants available in Australia in 2022.


Frequently Asked Questions

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